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Jet Tec Launch Mail Friendly Inkjet Packaging

Jet Tec Launch Mail Friendly Inkjet Packaging

Jet Tec have announced the release of brand new and improved post-friendly blister packaging that will be rolled out across a range of HP, Canon and Epson inkjets in the coming weeks.

The previous packaging measurements meant that inkjet products were classified as parcels with a postage cost to reflect this. However, after testing, sampling and development, Jet Tec have been able to reduce packaging size which means that inkjet products can now be categorised as a large letter, enabling mail order resellers to pass on postage savings of up to £2 per package to their customers.

Becky Capes, Business Development Executive for the company commented:

Our team have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the new reduced packaging meets all relevant specifications to qualify as mail-friendly, and we are fortunate enough to be able to develop everything on site with our own moulds and equipment right here in the UK. We’re looking forward to launching this with our resellers and helping them to make savings too.

The move will also benefit retailers/stockists looking to increase the number of products stocked, and Jet Tec are confident that the new packaging will prove more efficient and cost effective for their customers.